Feast of the Body

    Feast of the Body (2016)

    83 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Jeremy Walton
  • Actors: Jeremy Walton, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Valerie Mya, Adam Brown, Garet Webb, Adrienne Hunter, Joshua Robert Walton, Keegan Perry, Billy Key, Keenan Spencer, Rudy Conway, Jaz Mosh, Lyndsay Magellan, Liliana Cruz, Steve Duenow, Connie Cruz, Shawn Douglas, Marissa Ann Lee Parkman, Chad Oringer, Clayvin Brown, Royce Brown, Jason Berry, Brandon Bombardo, Chris Bombardo, Jaime Walton, Parker J. Berry, Isabella Berry, Mackenzie Brown, Gavin Brown, J.J. Walton, Xilonen Walton, Robert Walton

Feast of the Body Storyline:

When a mysterious man stops a world wide storm with the swipe of his hand, life as we know it changes, and the source of his divine power must be found before humanity self destructs.

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