Leonard Part 6

    Leonard Part 6 (1987)

    85 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Paul Weiland
  • Actors: Bill Cosby, Tom Courtenay, Joe Don Baker, Moses Gunn, Pat Colbert, Gloria Foster, Victoria Rowell, Anna Levine, David Maier, Grace Zabriskie, Hal Bokar, George Maguire, John Hostetter, William Hall, George Kirby, Annabel Armour, Regina Waldon, Reed Kirk Rahlmann, Keith Joe Dick, Eva Gholson, Leona Harris, Cab Covay, Darlene Barrett, Alan Liss, Sarah Wagner, Derry Porter, Derek Benton, Alex Adams, Katie McKelley, Rose Wong, Harry Wong, Obba Babatund√©, Larry Alexander, Zoltan Gray, Eugene Robinson, Ted Young, Clint Jung, Gordon Kimbrough, George Abrams Jr., Larry Gates, David Rowe, Chitti Sookvamdee, Eric Hanes, Leo Rossi, Ren Reynolds, Gianni Giacri, Bruno Pella, Jeffrey Amsden, Roland Brown, Dwayne Chattman, Horacio Cifuentes, Shaun Earl, Jeffrey Hankinson, William Holden Jr., Robert Johnson, Keith McDaniel, Jackie Patterson, Rebecca Perez, Theodore Carl Soderberg, Edward Winslow, Jane Fonda, Seamus Seanachaoi

Leonard Part 6 Storyline:

After separating from his wife, Leonard Parker (Cosby) quit the spy business and became a restaurateur. His wife refuses to speak with him, and his daughter, who changes her career more often than her clothes, has begun dating a man old enough to be Leonard's father! On top of it all, the government has asked him to come back and save the world again.

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