Parasites (2016)

    81 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Chad Ferrin
  • Actors: Robert Miano, Joseph Pilato, Carson Nicely, Burt Culver, Suzanne Sumner Ferry, Francisco Ovalle, Eddie Kehler, Art Roberts, Rich Lee, Silvia Spross, Wolfie Trausch, Tim Halpin, Sean Samuels, Jeffrey Decker, Shaun T. Benjamin, Robert Rhine, Peter Mendoza, Abraham Martinez, Kurt Bonzell, Scott Vogel, Sebastian Fernandez, Elli Rahn, Casey Powell, David Z. Stamp, Paul Louis Harrell
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Parasites Storyline:

A group of friends get lost in the seedy streets where they encounter a crazed gang of homeless derelicts that seizes them and kills them one by one. The surviving man escapes on foot, naked and unarmed, with a pack of depraved transients in pursuit, and only seconds away from capture.

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