The Silencer

    The Silencer (2000)

    87 min - Canada - AsTheEye
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Directors: Robert Lee
  • Actors: Michael Dudikoff, Brennan Elliott, Terence Kelly, Gabrielle Miller, Nicole Oliver, Peter LaCroix, Colin Cunningham, Mike Dopud, Doug Abrahams, Michael St. John Smith, William S. Taylor, Andrew Johnston, Lauro Chartrand, Geoff Campbell, Pamela Fu, Phillip Batista, Ron Selmour, George Josef, Madison Graie, Robert Lee

The Silencer Storyline:

A federal agent is assigned to get the inside scoop on a dangerous terrorist group. In order to blend into their ranks, he's forced to fake his own death and make friends with the group's deadly but charismatic leader.

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