Love Everlasting

    Love Everlasting (2016)

    min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Rob Diamond
  • Actors: Emily Procter, Christie Burke, Lucky Blue Smith, Page Petrucka, Madison Bontempo, Scott Christopher, Jeremy Hoop, Austin R. Grant, Landon Henneman, Shawn Stevens, D.L. Walker, Gabe Eckert, Pam Eichner, Kristen Marie Jensen, Garet Allen, James Jamison, Palmer Scott, Pat Donahue, Sarah Eichner, Clint Vanderlinden, Cal Nguyen, Al Lampkin, Phillip Estes, Parker Powers, Olivia Haycock, Kadan Bennett, Brock McKinney, Jake Ulasich, Garrison Woods, Vivian Mathias, Ryan Williams, Lynn Swenson, Jason Lauree Wright, Nadya Cox, Jamie Lynn Bolton, Robert Gudgell, Frank Bennett

Love Everlasting Storyline:

Bridger Jenkins, a senior in high school, is an outsider with hidden scars and a lifelong dream to see the ocean. Living in poverty, his mother has done everything in her power to give her son a good life, but their world is once again turned upside down when Bridger's abusive stepfather threatens their lives. On the road with only 197 dollars to their name, Bridger and his mother embark on the journey of a lifetime. But a series of obstacles foil their plan and they end up stuck in the middle of nowhere - a small town that will prove to change their destiny. When Bridger has a chance encounter with a brown-eyed beauty shrouded in insecurity, sparks fly and an everlasting bond is ignited between two misfits longing for acceptance and true love.