The Operative

    The Operative (2000)

    86 min - Canada, UK - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Robert Lee
  • Actors: Brian Bosworth, John Tench, Rachel Hayward, Jerry Wasserman, Teryl Rothery, Bob Dawson, Jenny Clark, Taras Kostyuk, John B. Lowe, Christopher Shyer, Gordon May, Robert Saunders, Bruce Pinard, Dan Rae, Jason Marshall, Jacqui Kaese, Ivana Siska, Vanessa Paris, Bobby Magee, Rob Duncan, Yolanda Corbett

The Operative Storyline:

A CIA agent who, while on assignment in Russia shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union, is captured by KGB forces and placed in a mental hospital. Eleven years later, Carville is given a chance to earn his freedom.