Officer Downe (2016)

    88 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Shawn Crahan
  • Actors: Alison Lohman, Kim Coates, Sam Witwer, Lauren Luna Vélez, Lindsay Pulsipher, Mark Neveldine, Tyler Ross, Bruno Gunn, Meadow Williams, Reno Wilson, Joseph Julian Soria, Tracy Vilar, Adi Shankar, Tamiko Brownlee, Cody Renee Cameron, Kaylee Sapieha, Mallory Thompson, Erica Lynne Arden, Nick Nicotera, Shad Gaspard, Emilia Bogdanova, Jun Hee Lee, Jarvis W. George, Ximena Maria Iacono, Lisbeth Kingsley, Sona Eyambe, Ankur Bhatt, Constance Steele, Jackson George, J.B. Abajian
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Officer Downe Storyline:

A rookie cop is tasked with shadowing Officer Downe, a no-nonsense LAPD cop with regenerative powers, as he wages an ultra-violent war against the nefarious villains of Los Angeles.

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