Walking Thunder

    Walking Thunder (1997)

    95 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Craig Clyde
  • Actors: James Read, John Denver, David Tom, Irene Miracle, Christopher Neame, Ted Thin Elk, Kevin Conners, Billy Oscar, Don Shanks, Robert DoQui, K.C. Clyde, David Kirk Chambers, Carolyn Hurlburt, Dane Stevens, Wayne Brennan, Bart the Bear, Brian Keith, Joseph Kelly Lookinland, Roy J. Cohoe, John Aspiras, Ivan N. Long, Joe Brady, Ray Tremblay, Tony Ventura

Walking Thunder Storyline:

In the 1850s, a young boy and his family on their way west become stranded in the Rockies. With the help of a local mountain man...

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