Decommissioned (2016)

    80 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Timothy Woodward Jr.
  • Actors: Johnny Messner, Vinnie Jones, Estella Warren, James Remar, Michael Paré, Richard Burgi, Tristian Eggerling, Stephen Brown, Connor Garelick, Chris Muto, Tom Struckhoff, Rachel Laurenne, Paulina Vallin, Chris Jai Alex, Erik Aude, Matt Cinquanta, Ardeshir Radpour, Braxton Davis, Jolyne Lowery, Adriano Masciarelli, Henry Penzi, Craigar Lusk, Michael John Long, Owen Szabo, Anthony Ray, Collin Lee Ellis, Millette Pauley, Jose Salvador Sanchez, Ryan Bartley, Marianne Bourg, Trey Casswell, Cole Contorelli, Saladin Florence, Kristin Mothersbaugh, Josie Murray, Lucas Paz, Joanna Quezada, Raeyn Song, Ross Van Dongen, Ray Azemard, Kenneth Bell, Lauren Kitt Carter, Jillian Chiappone, Jillian Daidone, Andrew H. Enriquez, Mikaela Gilden, Aaron Lichtanski, Dominique Marsell, Alison Meagher-Manson, Michaela Orel, John Hoo Park, Alisha Patel, Kevin Plascencia, Joann Quezada, Akili Roach, Jessica Smith, Jessica Strong, Brandon Van Burkleo, Tyannah Vasquez, Kev Yada

Decommissioned Storyline:

When an ex-CIA agent discovers his family have been kidnapped he sets out to rescue them, only to discover they are being held hostage and won't be released unless he carries out a mission to assassinate the President. He must use his advanced skills to outwit the men holding his family and prevent the assassination from going ahead before the clock runs out for his family.