Improper Conduct

    Improper Conduct (1994)

    93 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Jag Mundhra
  • Actors: Steven Bauer, Tahnee Welch, John Laughlin, Nia Peeples, Lee Anne Beaman, Adrian Zmed, Kathy Shower, Patsy Pease, Matt Roe, Everett Lamar, Wendy MacDonald, Stephen Fiachi, Stuart Whitman, Lydia Bushfield, Tarik Ergin, Cinda-Lin James, Adriana Shaw, James Mathers, Frank Roach, George Ferris

Improper Conduct Storyline:

A woman ks her own brand of justice when her sister's sexual harassment case is smothered by acts of foul play.