Through the Devil's Eyes

    Through the Devil's Eyes (2014)

    90 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: RJ Cusyk
  • Actors: James Andre, Gyana Lua, Hannah Tippit, Tristan S. Bradford, Greggory Bogëv Lodin, Joseph Cusyk, Bree Katz, Ashley Runyan, Michael Lakota Dillon, Joseph Calverase, Richard Walter Sotelo, Sara Leonhardt, Kevin Matthew A'Hern, Nick Gatsby, Jonathan Jett, Mickey Martin, RJ Cusyk

Through the Devil's Eyes Storyline:

A mentally unhinged young man moves into a halfway house and one of the house mates is brutally murdered the same day. He sets out to prove his innocence by discovering the real killer.