All in Time

    All in Time (2015)

    98 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Marina Donahue, Chris Fetchko
  • Actors: Sean Modica, Lynn Cohen, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Vanessa Ray, Josh Burrow, Jay Klaitz, Tom Wopat, Pritesh Shah, Rob Bartlett, Fred Norris, Connie Shelhamer, Laura Shay, Pete Paladino, Ron Simasek, Thor Fields, Jay Russell, Rachel Donahue, Marina Donahue, Dennis MaGee Fallon, Chelsea Alonzi, Ken Baker, Christopher James Bohinski, David DeCosmo, Lynn Golden, Michelle Xander Gruver, Anthony Krizan, Carla Saylor, Erica Lynne Arden, Adam Frederick, Shawn Gonzalez, Julia Gross, Samir Khalaf, Wayne Shearer, Al Sotto, Nikki Corinne Thomas, Grace Marie Williams

All in Time Storyline:

Charlie quits his job to move home to manage his hometown rock band. His supportive girlfriend shares his love for the band, until struggles within the band force them to make choices that will impact their lives forever.