Last Rites

    Last Rites (2006)

    90 min - USA - AsTheEye
  • Language: English
  • Directors: Duane Stinnett
  • Actors: Cazimir Milostan, Noel Gugliemi, Howard Alonzo, Ethan Ednee, Dayana Jamine, Ryan Hanna King, Enrique Almeida, Danny Martinez, Krissann Shipley, James C. Burns, Stephen Basilone, Janine Foster, Terrence Evans, Michelle Perdue, Reggie Bannister, Christine Conradt, Rocky Costanzo, Jeremy Dunn, Richard Dorton, Thaddeus Jaworsky, Dave Gist, John Mattingly, James Shipley, Jordan Leibert, Carol Rosenbaum, Aaron Erimez, Corey Foxx, Leighanne RiaVaigh, Brad Allerheiligen, Mike Cravatta, Johann Diel, Jim Dyer, Albert Evangelista, Jim Hemphill, Julie K. Hurst, Teninille Orand, Ward T. Porrill, Marlon Samiento, Samuel M. Smith, Lucas Stensland, Felix Valde Jr., Jason Van Liere, Geraldo A. Iglesias, Paulah May

Last Rites Storyline:

On the verge of a major arms deal, the two toughest gangs in L.A. will find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse by a ravenous mob of bloodthirsty zombies. They will have to work together with the cops to avoid being torn limb-from-limb and eaten alive. A one of a kind urban-zombie film, Gangs of the Dead is a gore-filled and action-packed thriller for both the horror fan and the urban audience.