Blind Rage

    Blind Rage (1976)

    80 min - Philippines - AsTheEye
  • Language: English, Filipino, Tagalog
  • Directors: Efren C. Piñon
  • Actors: Fred Williamson, Tony Ferrer, Leila Hermosa, D'Urville Martin, Dick Adair, Darnell Garcia, Leo Fong, Charlie Davao, Carlos Padilla Jr., Subas Herrero, Chuck Doherty, B.T. Anderson, José García, Fred Param, Ben Dato, Rocco Montalban, Carlos Diaz, Mandy Bustamante, Telly Babasa, Val Iglesias, Romy Nario, Eddie Miriaflor, Nick Miranda, Ricky Nicolas, Johnny Hammond, Johnny Fear, Joe Meyers, Dan Ivan, Gary Hall, Nathan Jung, Cecil Peoples, Bing Velasco, Max Alvarado

Blind Rage Storyline:

Five friends get together and decide to plan an operation to rob a bank. The main difference between this and other bank-robbing gangs, however, is that all five men are blind.